20 US States petition president for peaceful separation

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Citizens in 20 US States have started petitions requesting that the president allow their state to peacefully separate from the federal government.

“We the People” is a section of the White House’s website that gives citizens the opportunity to create petitions. If 25,000 signatures are gathered within 30 days, the White House will respond to the petition.

Currently, 20 out of the 60 active petitions are requests for peaceful independence.

Below are links to the current petitions.

[NOTE: If any links are broken, it’s because the White House has removed the petition]

Alabama’s petition

Colorado’s petition

Florida’s petition

Georgia’s petition

Indiana’s petition

Kentucky’s petition

Louisiana’s petition

Michigan’s petition

Missouri’s petition

Mississippi’s petition

Montana’s petition

New Hampshire’s petition

New Jersey’s petition

New York’s petition

North Carolina’s petition

North Dakota’s petition

Oregon’s petition

South Carolina’s petition

Tennessee’s petition

Texas’ petition

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