80 years of war against U.S. citizens

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“American Drug War”, Directed by Kevin Booth, has been played on the Showtime Network more than 200 times and continues clocking millions of views per year on more than five continents. He recently had some things to say about how Washington DC has been prosecuting its failed War on Some Drug Users:

Today, the United States has, per capita, the highest number of people living behind bars. Most statistics show that a huge percentage of these prisoners are non-violent drug offenders.


If heroin suddenly became legal, would you try it? The irony of this question is that heroin is already legal. It’s called Oxycontin. Why is Oxycontin legal and heroin considered a Schedule 1 Drug with extremely harsh penalties for possession?


The government wants us to believe that they are protecting us from dangerous narcotics while an epidemic of legal pain-pill addiction is sweeping the nation. My years of research on this subject have led me to the conclusion that heroin, cocaine and cannabis are illegal because the pharmaceutical companies are unable to patent or trademark naturally occurring substances.

Read the full article here.

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