Top 10 Reasons for New Hampshire to Declare Independence

1. Economic Freedom

New Hampshire deserves a free and prosperous economy, and if it were up to us we’d have one already.  Sadly, anyone who wants to do business in New Hampshire today has to get past the government in Washington first.  The “Federal Register” of U. S. business regulations is over 80,000 pages long — and, remember, ignorance of the law is no excuse.

By declaring our independence, New Hampshire could wipe this byzantine tangle of job-killing regulations off our books forever.  It’s time we set our hard-working men and women free to get back to business.

2. Greater Privacy

Whether it’s the PATRIOT Act, the NDAA, the TSA, or the NSA, one thing is clear: your right to privacy is null and void. When drones patrol our skies and federal data centers record our conversations, it’s safe to say that the Fourth Amendment is a dead letter.

We deserve better than to be spied on, interrogated, and threatened with indefinite detainment by Washington’s functionaries.  As citizens of an independent New Hampshire, we could once again enjoy the right to privacy guaranteed by our own laws and Constitution.

3. No Bailouts or Corporate Welfare

America’s Founding Fathers would have been horrified at the notion of using tax dollars to bail out corrupt, failing businesses according to the size of their campaign contributions.  That hasn’t stopped the government in Washington from making corporate welfare one of its core mission objectives.

In an independent New Hampshire, you and you alone will decide who your pocketbook rewards in the marketplace.  And that’s how it should be.

4. Better Schools

The government in Washington has been micromanaging our children’s education for decades, and it’s only getting worse.  Our teachers now work long hours to complete paperwork for a distant bureaucracy, while endless federally-mandated aptitude tests strangle our children’s love of learning.

By declaring our independence, we can take control of our schools back from the Federal bureaucrats and put it back in the hands of parents and teachers where it belongs.

5. Medical Freedom

No one should come between a patient and their doctor.  Unfortunately, anyone who has been sick recently can attest to the mare’s nest of Federal regulations that prevent New Hampshirites from getting the medical help they need.  The Patriot Act makes us criminals for buying cold medicine without showing a government ID; patients needing more sophisticated remedies drown in HIPAA regulations and impenetrable insurance regulations fueled by government dictates.

The system is so broken that it’s often impossible to find out how much a medical procedure is going to cost, or how much your insurance will cover (if you’re lucky enough to have it — mandates from Washington have made effective, low-cost medical insurance all but impossible to find).  Meanwhile, a visit to your doctor’s office feels more and more like a visit to the DMV as medical practitioners start seeing the Federal government — not you — as the customer they have to satisfy.

It doesn’t have to be this way.  An independent New Hampshire could restore sanity to our medical system by junking the reams of crushing regulation that drive up costs and drive innovative health care providers out of business.

6. Keep Money in New Hampshire

For each dollar that New Hampshire sends to the federal government, we get about seventy cents back – as long as we agree to pass laws that make New Hampshire look more like Washington, DC.  Otherwise, Washington’s paymasters will withhold even more of our hard-earned money from us.

As an independent nation, we could keep our money here in New Hampshire, and we could pass laws that reflect our values.  Our families and neighbors have lived in fear of the IRS long enough.

7. Children No Longer Born in Debt

Every New Hampshire child is now born with $50,000 of Federal debt on their head, thanks to the corrupt politicians in Washington who can’t even balance their own budget. Instead of getting their books in order, they would rather fund their pet projects by spending our sons and daughters into slavery.

Our children deserve better.  It’s time to set them free by declaring the US government bankrupt.

8. More Secure

No matter how many air travelers it harasses, how many undeclared wars it fights, or how many ruinously expensive military bases it maintains overseas, the government in Washington still can’t seem to keep us safe from those who mean us harm.  That’s because they’re only interested in “safety” measures that allow them to increase their control over our lives.

By freeing ourselves of Washington’s farcical, dangerous posturing, we can once again begin to keep New Hampshire safe by keeping our liberties safe.  As Ben Franklin reminded us, we can’t do one without the other.

9. No More Inflation

If you’ve managed to save some money for a rainy day, the government in Washington is working diligently to make sure it’s worth as little as possible.

The Federal government knows that American citizens wouldn’t be willing to bear the full cost of their endless wars, bank bailouts, and domestic boondoggles.  That’s why, instead of raising taxes directly, they simply print billions of worthless new dollars and use them to pay for their latest schemes.  The resulting inflation destroys savings, dreams, and lives.

As an independent nation, New Hampshire can end this silent, crippling tax and return to a sound fiscal policy based on free markets and responsible spending.  Wouldn’t it be refreshing if the money in your bank account was worth more every day.

10. Greater Representation

The government in Washington would like us to believe that 535 politicians, most of whom have been bought and paid for by lobbyists, can represent over 300 million people.  Is your voice being heard?

New Hampshire’s government, on the other hand, is the most representative in the Western world.  The doors of our State House, including our Governor’s office, are open even to casual visitors.  Each of our 400 State Representatives is responsible to about 3,000 constituents, and many make their home phone numbers and email addresses available on the State website.  If you have a question or a concern about New Hampshire government, they’ll usually be delighted to speak or correspond with you.  Best of all, they’re paid only $200 per year to serve in our Legislature.

New Hampshire’s government has remained free, open and responsive for more than 200 years despite constant interference from Washington.  When we declare our independence, we will at last be free to continue this proud tradition unhindered.

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