How would #Calexit be a good thing for the rest of us?

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In case you haven’t already heard, California independence might not be that far away. The state, who overwhelming rejected a Trump candidacy, is reacting to the new president by starting the legal process of California divorcing Washington DC.

As Antimedia recently pointed out:

Activists in California have just taken an integral step that could leave America with only 49 states in the near future. Yes California, a pro-secession organization, received approval Thursday to begin collecting signatures from residents to put “Calexit” on the ballot for a 2019 special election.

We’ve already outlined why NH independence will benefit the people of NH, and those reasons will also be true for California. Assuming California is the first state to exit the US, how would California independence benefit the other 49 states?

A recent Forbes article spells it out for us:

…California’s unfunded pension liability is closer to $1 trillion. The national debt is approximately five times the size of the federal budget. California’s unfunded pension liability is nearly ten times the size of the state general fund. That’s just the unfunded pension liability; the state also has significant unfunded liabilities for retired government worker health benefits.

The conclusion? Combining the California government’s horrible financial condition with their legislature’s complete inability to recognize the problems and have the courage or intellect to fix the problems, the only logical trajectory would be that taxpayers in the other 49 states would likely be forced to bail out California, in one way or another.

Calexit would guarantee that none of the rest of us are going to pay for the problems they’ve created. I’ll cheers to that!

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