Press Release: Non-Profit Launched to Promote NH Separation from US Gov’t

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Non-Profit Launched to Promote NH Separation from US Gov’t

NH organization works towards starting a discussion with citizens about independence

MANCHESTER, NEW HAMPSHIRE — Citing “irreconcilable differences” with the United States federal government, the Foundation for New Hampshire Independence today officially launched their educational effort to inform citizens of the most effective solution to the increasingly hostile and unaccountable government in Washington, DC.

Incorporated in September of this year, the Foundation’s motto, “First Before, First Again”, recalls New Hampshire being the first colony to form a government separate from the British. The Foundation seeks to educate citizens on the benefits of a peaceful separation from the United States and the re-establishment of an independent republic founded on the principles set forth in the New Hampshire Constitution.

New Hampshire has a long and proud tradition of self-determination.

A non-profit, tax-deductible New Hampshire corporation, the Foundation was formed in response to the conflict between the values cherished by New Hampshire’s 1.3 million citizens and the ever-growing demands of the Federal government. Unshakable special interests, which show no regard for the constraints of the Constitution, lie at the heart of Washington, DC. That’s not what New Hampshire stands for.

Independence might initially be a hard sell to a state justly proud of its American heritage. That’s why their mission will be educational above all else: the Foundation will seek to engage patriotic New Hampshire citizens who are frustrated with Washington, DC, but still have a hard time picturing the Granite State as an independent republic.

“We want to open the discussion,” said Neal Conner, the Treasurer for the Foundation. “We want to address concerns. Most everything the federal government does shows very clearly that it’s no longer our government. There’s ultimately only one remedy for that: peaceful separation. It’s a very practical remedy and a very American one. And we think its time has come here in New Hampshire.”

Their website,, provides commentary and news stories, both locally and worldwide, as they relate to the theme of greater self-determination.


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