Board of Directors

Neal Conner

Neal is a life-long student of foreign languages and relishes the dark skies of New Hampshire for amateur astronomy. He works as at a high-tech startup founded by fellow Granite Staters. Neal resides in Manchester, and enjoys hiking the White Mountains whenever he can, with the goal of summiting all forty-eight, four-thousand footers. He loves the culture of New Hampshire and wishes to see it protected against an ever-invasive Washington, D.C.


Mike Segal
Vice President

Mike works as a software engineer and holds degrees in both mathematics and physics. While he feels most at home in front of a command line, the thrill of snowboarding on New Hampshire’s slopes has him outside for most of the winter. In his spare time, Mike studies economics and is particularly concerned about the unsustainable burden that his state faces from the nation’s debt and unfunded liabilities.


Vince Perfetto

Vince adds diverse experience to the Foundation with a background in broadcasting, accounting, and telecommunications. He loves living in the freest state in America, New Hampshire. With a “Live Free or Die” attitude and a strong independent streak, Vince feels right at home among his fellow NH citizens. He was raised to respect others and to work hard to achieve his goals, and thus takes pride in saying he has “the best parents, ever.” When Vince isn’t working on the Foundation, he enjoys hiking, reading, and relaxing with a great New England micro brew.


Chandler Gabel

Chandler is a software engineer with a background in customer service and user interface design.  Outside of work, he enjoys hiking in New Hampshire’s wilderness areas and exploring the history and culture of his beloved home state.  A long-time resident of Bedford, he now lives in Merrimack with his wife and son.