DC elites guilty: $21 trillion of undocumented spending

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As Americans, we’re used to Washington DC elites being able to frivolously spend our tax dollars. Whatever parties, projects, and programs they want, they’ve almost always succeeded.

Obviously, we’ve all heard myriad stories of DC corruption, fraud, and waste before. The Department of Homeland Security signed contracts that contained $34 billion of significant waste, fraud, and abuse. An absurd level of fraud in the healthcare industry costs American taxpayers $60 billion/year. Another $90 billion/year of taxpayer money gets taken from you and given to politically connected, private companies in the form of corporate welfare. Washington used $2.6 million of your money to train prostitutes in China to not drink too much alcohol while working.

DC elites have also been caught abusing taxpayer-funded credit cards. One audit revealed that about half of all purchases on government credit cards are improper, fraudulent, or embezzled. The report found that DC elites used your money to gamble, pay their mortgages, and to buy alcohol, lingerie, iPods, Xboxes, jewelry, Internet dating services, and Hawaiian vacations.

The list goes on and on. In Washington DC, the corruption never ends.

A whole new level

However, even by the standards of those who wade in the swamp, the following story is so shocking, it’s difficult for most people to comprehend.

Forbes recently uncovered perhaps the most egregious example of how little DC elites value your tax dollars. They simply don’t care about you or your money at all.

The numbers are truly unbelievable. According to the government’s own public records:

$21 trillion in unsupported adjustments [i.e. “undocumented spending”] have been reported for the Department of Defense and the Department of Housing and Urban Development for the years 1998-2015.

That’s right. These journalists took at look at documents from only two departments and found a staggering $21 trillion in undocumented spending. Checks were cut with no evidence of why they were written in the first place.

What’s their explanation? The government report concludes it was because of The Pentagon’s “failure to correct system deficiencies”.

A.P. anybody?

Have you ever worked in Accounts Payable?

Every year, many employers hire outside auditors to check the work of every individual in the accounting department. This is what any responsible, multi-million dollar business would do.

With each and every check that is cut, Accounts Payable Managers know every “i” has to be dotted and every “t” crossed. If the auditors catch even the slightest mistake, the work of the A.P. Manager is called into question.

A proper audit?

Would the US military survive an exhaustive, annual audit like I personally went through for six years? Absolutely not. Clearly, their accounting department has been engaging in rampant, year-after-year corruption gone wild.

A comprehensive, transparent audit would reveal fraud on a massive scale, never seen before. The use of ghost vendors or ghost employees are two examples of techniques used by criminal employees in private businesses and governments. I’d suspect there are likely thousands, perhaps even tens of thousands of ghost vendors and ghost employees used by the US military.

The cold, hard truth about DC elites

Undocumented spending is only one indication of their corruption. From maintaining unused buildings, to extravagant office parties, and everything in between. They spend as much of your money as they want. They know they’ll get away with it. They’ve been doing this for decades, some would say centuries.

The cold, hard truth is that DC elites will never stop victimizing you. If your tax dollars can go to DC, they’ll gladly prey upon you. Consequently, they will never start caring about you. They never have and never will. DC elites only care about themselves and, by extension, their friends. Don’t look for anything to change.

After Forbes started finding those reports, do you know what DC bureaucrats did? They removed the reports from their website. When investigative journalists started finding out how bad things were, they ran from the sunlight and hid their crimes in the darkness.

What can you do about it?

There is only one solution to the multitude of problems DC elites have created. I’m not going to lie to you. I’m not going to tell you to write your Representative or Senator. We both know that’s not going to do anything. They will not listen to you. They’ve never listened to you.

The only solution for Granite Staters is New Hampshire independence. A complete, total, peaceful divorce from an incredibly abusive city that forgot about you long ago – Washington DC.

If you agree, join our email list, do something on our Get Involved page, and contact us to do more. Support NH independence – the only rational reaction to the extreme, unapologetic, never-ending corruption of DC elites.

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