Stunning 42% of respondents support N.H. independence

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Is America, or New Hampshire, ready for independence? Two readership polls by New Hampshire organizations showed 42% of respondents are ready.

In September of 2014, Reuters asked Americans how they felt about their state declaring independence from the United States. Out of over 9,000 people from all 50 states, 23.9% said they would “support the idea of their state peacefully withdrawing from the United States of America and the federal government.”

New England itself was only about 19% in this poll, with the Southwestern states, including Texas, coming in first at 34%. At a time before Brexit, it is fascinating to see nearly a quarter of all Americans willing to support such a move. Only 53.3% of Americans were completely opposed to idea of peaceful withdrawal, which means there are a lot of Americans ambivalent to such a move.respondents support N.H. independence

While the poll by Reuters was scientific, there have been some more informal and more recent polls done specifically in New Hampshire.

The New Hampshire Union Leader ran an informal poll on its website shortly after Brexit, when the UK voted to leave the European Union, asking how readers would vote if N.H. had a similar referendum for exiting United States. Out of 2407 respondents, 42% would vote “for a free N.H.”

The Live Free or Die Alliance ran an informal poll on the same day by asking their Facebook members if they supported the “call for the Granite State to secede from the United States,” that poll also showing 42% approval of independence.

While these two polls are unscientific, they do show that people in two different groups, those who read the Union Leader online and those who are members of the LFDA Facebook page have a high propensity for leaving the debt, corruption, and wars of the federal government in the rear-view mirror. We should all be encouraged by these numbers.

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