How the American independence movement will drastically reduce the worldwide refugee population

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The European refugee crisis is an absolute tragedy. In 2015 alone, more than a million migrants entered Europe. In total, from all parts of the world, the UN Refugee Agency reported that:

“an unprecedented 65.6 million people were uprooted from their homes by conflict and persecution at the end of 2016.”

While most people in America are safe and sound, much of the world has been in turmoil for years.

The response from European elites

It seems there is no shortage of people who want to complain about the European refugee crisis and argue about how to solve it. Should Europe allow more refugees in? Should they close their doors and start deporting existing refugees? Or something in between?

There is one question most politicians, bureaucrats, and those in the mainstream media are not willing to ask.

Why is it happening?

To be sure, there are many causes. Economic hardship, political instability, and human rights violations, such as religious persecution, are among the many roots of displacement around the world.

However, there is one more source. The entirely avoidable, most destructive cause of them all – war.

Which countries are the most refugees coming from?

Let’s take a look at some numbers.

2015 European Refugee Crisis Statistics. State independence can help lower the worldwide refugee population.

2015 European Refugee Crisis Statistics

Perhaps the most intense year of the European refugee crisis was 2015. The information in the graph to the right should come as no surprise to anyone.

As you can see, the top three countries of origin for European refugees have all been under attack from the United States military for years. Additionally, in the case of Iraq, relentless sanctions in the 1990’s led to the deaths of 500,000 children.

Number four on the list is Kosovo. The US military bombed them, primarily, from 1998-1999. To this day, there’s still about 7,000 US troops in Kosovo, and don’t expect that base to be closed anytime soon.

The people of number six, Pakistan, have been attacked by the US military and its mercenaries since at least 2005.

The people of Iran, number nine on the list, have been the victims of incredibly cruel, severe, and completely unnecessary US sanctions since 1979. Experts agree, all sanctions are an act of war. As a result, foreign banks are not even allowed to do any business whatsoever in Iran. The heartless sanctions have helped to cripple Iran’s economy and caused people to flee Iran for decades.

The list goes on

In recent years, the United States government has also been attacking the people of Egypt, Libya, and Somalia.

Becoming a refugee has become the only way for some to escape the wrath of the United States.

Wanton, unforgiving aggression has also been on display in Yemen. The Obama administration drastically escalated this aggressive policy. The US government has helped generate two million displaced Yemenis – a truly massive, government-caused humanitarian crisis.

Of course, a complete catalog of those harmed by the Unites States government would go on for days.

The source of worldwide suffering

However, US aggression is nothing new. Long ago, a two-time, medal of honor-winning, military General shed some light on the military industrial complex.

Bribing, sanctioning, and bombing has been the US government’s policy for more than a century. Today, authoritarian control freaks are constantly working in overdrive to protect their insatiable reach and power.

The US government has caused suffering in Yemen. State independence can help lower the worldwide refugee population.

The US government has caused suffering in Yemen.

Protests, elections, and heroic journalism haven’t been able to stop the American empire. Anti-war proponents have tried it all. Or have they?

Eliminate the source

There is one strategy for peace that many people have been courageously working towards for a long time in this country – state independence.

After a US state declares their independence from Washington DC, their people will no longer be sending their taxes to an organization bent on violent world domination. With each state declaration of independence, DC’s empire will be forced to retreat little by little. Until one day, it will be no more.

Independence movements are alive and well in Alaska, Vermont, and Texas. In California, a pro-independence ballot initiative is currently underway. That effort could lead to complete independence from Washington DC as soon as 2019!

New Hampshire’s peaceful future

Let’s not leave out our home state of New Hampshire! In 2012, our tax-deductible, educational nonprofit was born – the Foundation for New Hampshire Independence.

Indeed, peace is only one of the many reasons to support NH independence. Prosperity is another. Did you know that an independent NH would be included amongst the wealthiest countries in the world? Number 12, in fact!

We understand that some of our readers have questions about the benefits of NH becoming independent from DC and what that would mean for them. That’s why we created a special page for those concerned.

Together, with your support, we can help bring about a more peaceful world. If you’d like to reduce the harm and violence around the globe, please consider the many ways you can get involved with our Foundation, including making a tax-deductible donation to our work.

Thanks so much for your support. Peace.

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